Top 6 reasons clients book me as a cat sitter

During initial conversations and meet and greets, clients will often share with me why they’ve chosen to book me as a professional to come look after their cat(s). I get asked about this sometimes when people find out what I do for a living, so I wanted to share what I’ve heard generally with you.

Tom enjoys some pets on my lap.

Tom enjoys some pets on my lap.

  1. Amount of visits required. Some clients might ask a neighbour or friend to stop by to look after their cats if the clients are away for a night or two. But when the amount of visits rolls into a week or even a month, that’s a lot of free labour to ask of someone. Some kitties require two visits daily because of feeding and/or medication schedules. A professional cat sitter can also be alert to signs that there might be a health concern needing veterinary care.

  2. Medication requirements. If a cat requires medication, especially timed medication, the client wants a cat sitter who understands how to give the medication and can be relied upon for timing, hygiene, and proper procedures.

  3. Another member of the household is only available on some of the days the client is away. Some clients will book me around the days another household member isn’t home, usually because that person is out of town on shift work. I come in on the days the shift worker isn’t there, and that person cares for the cat(s) on the days when they are home.

  4. The client is new to Calgary. They often don’t know anyone local well enough personally to come look after their cat(s).

  5. Client schedule variability. If a cat expects to be fed in the evening and my client is caught in a meeting or can’t get home right away, having me come in and care for the cat is peace of mind for my client.

  6. Having a stable, reliable presence for a cat. I get to know many of the kitties I care for extremely well because my clients have me as their go-to cat sitter. Cats who have the same person coming in to look after them tend to be calmer and less stressed. My cats know when I’m there that they’ll be taken care of. Clients know what my standards are for cat care: proper food and water changing/hygiene, medications on schedule/handled hygienically, litter cleaned, cat messes cleaned, health monitoring, petting/cuddling/grooming, and communications.