Cat Mom’s Green Business Commitment

Here at Cat Mom Calgary, I care about the impact my business practices have on our planet. I cycle, walk, and/or ride the train to get to and from cat sitting appointments and meet and greets.

Photo by Lori Andrews,  10 Cent Studio .

Photo by Lori Andrews, 10 Cent Studio.

I’m proud that Mom Calgary is part of Tree Canada’s National Greening Program: I purchase a tree sapling in honour of each cat I look after. I picked this program with Tree Canada as a meaningful way to thank my clients for their business and honour the cats I care for. This is something I can do as a small business owner that will leave a positive legacy for our planet while helping offset my carbon footprint.

Kitty on a tree.

Kitty on a tree.

When you choose me as your cat sitter, you can also feel reassured that you are making a green choice for the environment.