What pet sitting services do you provide?

Cat Mom Calgary is a boutique pet sitting service for downtown Calgary and surrounding areas. I will treat your pets with the love and care that I have always treated my own. I will provide you with daily photo updates along with a written summary of your pets' well-being. My main service focus is cats, though I am happy to look after hamsters, other smaller animals, and fish as well. For cats, I can groom and administer medications, as well as provide regular feeding, water, and litter maintenance. For hamsters and smaller animals, I can clean their cages/pens and make sure they have exercise time as well regular feeding and water. I can also check your mail and, as an avid gardener, take care of your plants.

What are Cat Mom Calgary’s rates?

My rates are $20 for a once-daily visit and $35 for twice-daily visits. The rates are the same whether you have one or more pets.

What parts of Calgary do you travel to for pet sitting?

To make sure I provide the best possible care for pets and keep my green business commitment, I can provide pet sitting services to the following areas: East Village, Downtown West, Eau Claire, Beltline (including Connaught and Victoria Park), the flat part of Sunalta, Chinatown, Mission, Bridgeland, Inglewood, Kensington, and Sunnyside.

Who is the Cat Mom?

My name is Beatrice Aucoin. I've been a cat mom for over 20 years, so I understand firsthand that it's much easier for your pets and you if your pets are able to stay at home while you are away. I am originally from Sydney, Cape Breton, and moved to Alberta in 2002. I grew up with hamsters and cats at home. When I was a child, I loved nothing more than to spend time and play with my pets and those of friends and extended family. I rescued one of my cats, Sabrina, when she was abandoned outside in winter as a four-week-old kitten; I was fortunate enough to have Sabrina as a companion for 17 years.

My wife, son, cat, and I make our home in East Village. Tom, our spunky rescue cat, is the newest member of our family. It was important to me that my son was able to grow up having a cat as a companion, so Tom's arrival and presence in our lives has been such a blessing. Tom loves to cuddle on me and often falls asleep on me.

Me holding my family’s cat, Tom.

Me holding my family’s cat, Tom.

During summer months or on weekdays my son has off school, my son may need to accompany me on my cat sitting jobs. You can see pictures of him with some of my clients’ cats in the photo gallery. My son is extremely respectful of being in someone else’s home and loves helping me look after cats and giving cats lots of love and cuddles and play time. I always advise clients in advance if I have to take my son with me on particular days.

my two boys together

my two boys together

How long have you been caring for cats?

I have been a cat mom for over 20 years and started Cat Mom Calgary in August 2018.

Is Cat Mom Calgary insured?

Yes, Cat Mom Calgary is insured through PRO fur.

Yes, Cat Mom Calgary is insured through PROfur.

Do you have pet first aid certification?

Yes, I have current pet first aid certification from Walks ‘N’ Wags, which you can see below.

My current pet first aid certificate.

My current pet first aid certificate.

What is your professional/educational background?

Some of my other professional “hats” include writing, journalism, editing, and teaching.

My education:

  • Start a Pet Sitting Business: Medicine Hat College, 2019

  • Cat-Care Specialist Certificate: Cat Care for Professional Pet Sitters, Pet Sitters International, 2019

  • Essential Cat and Kitten Care, Care of the Senior Pet: Holly and Hugo, 2019

  • Feline Behaviour & Psychology, Cat Anxiety & Stress (both with Higher Distinction): Oplex Careers, 2019

  • Pet First Aid, Walks 'N' Wags, 2019

  • EDIVET: Do you have what it takes to be a veterinarian?, Animal Behaviour and Welfare, The Truth About Cats and Dogs online courses, University of Edinburgh, 2018

  • BEd in Secondary Education (with distinction), University of Alberta, 2006

  • BA in English Literature, Dalhousie University, 2002

Start a Pet Sitting Business  course completion certificate from  Medicine Hat College .

Start a Pet Sitting Business course completion certificate from Medicine Hat College.

My Cat-Care Specialist designation awarded by  Pet Sitters International.

My Cat-Care Specialist designation awarded by Pet Sitters International.

Official Member in Good Standing of Professional United Pet Sitters: Member ID 12118

Cat Mom Calgary’s  Professional United Pet Sitters  official membership card.

Cat Mom Calgary’s Professional United Pet Sitters official membership card.

My cat has special needs, disabilities, and/or behavioural challenges. Are you able to care for my cat?

Many of my past and present cat clients have a variety of special needs, disabilities, and/or behavioural challenges. At the meet and greet, I will go over with you in detail what your cat’s needs are and how I can help your cat to do well while you are away.

My cat requires medication on a schedule. Are you able to come to my home for specific times?

If your cat requires medication on a particular schedule and you’d like to book me, I recommend contacting me for cat sitting sooner than later, particularly if you’re going away during long weekends/holidays or for more than a few days in a row. When you make a booking with me to care for your cat, your cat will receive their medication on the schedule you give me.

How much time will you spend with my cat?

I spend a minimum of 30 minutes at each cat sitting appointment, but I will discuss with you what your cat needs in terms of human companionship. Some cats like having someone to play with, brush, or pet them for a while. Other cats have needs that require more time for me to tend to. I only book a maximum of four cat sitting appointments per day so I have the flexibility to tend to a variety of cat needs and if emergencies arise. My cat clients’ welfare is my top priority.

How will I receive updates from you about my cat during a booking?

I’m pleased to offer a variety of communication options to suit clients’ needs: text, e-mail, Cat Mom Calgary’s Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Clients who book me through Pawshake can also choose to receive updates through Pawshake’s app. You can choose how frequently you’d like me to send you updates as well.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cat Mom Calgary accepts e-transfer, PayPal, cash, and Pawshake. Pawshake charges pet owners’ credit cards when they make a booking.

How many days in a row can I book you for?

As long as I am available during the dates you need for cat sitting, you are welcome to book me for as many days in a row as you need. I would recommend contacting me as soon as you have firmed up your travel plans, especially if you are going away for more than a few days at a time.

I’ve booked you and realized mid-booking that I am going to be away for longer than I originally thought. Can I extend my booking?

Yes, you can! Just contact me to let me know how many more visits you will need me for.

How do you return keys after a cat sitting job is completed?

I’m happy to slide your keys under your door on the last day I’m looking after your cat(s), bring your keys to you at your home when you come back, meet you somewhere else after you’ve returned home, or make some other arrangement to get your keys back to you. Key returns are free of charge.

How can I book you?

Thanks for wanting to book me as a cat sitter! Email me by clicking on the envelope below, or contact me via my Pawshake profile to discuss your pet sitting needs. If my availability and services meet your needs, we will set up a meet and greet session where I will meet you and your cat(s). I have a new client questionnaire and an independent contractor agreement that we will go through together, and I’ll have you show me where all pet supplies are.